The National registeries of the partners

of the European Register of Phlebologists. From here you can access the individual national registries and consult both the list of registered phlebologists, consult the curriculum and have all the news of this medical specialization.




Romanian Society of Phlebology has a continuity of 35 years, founded in 1979, was affiliated to Union International of Phlebology in 1983, and now counts 384 members.
It is a medical association involving different medical specialties: general surgeons, vascular surgeons, dermatologists, imagists, internists, cardiologists, general practitioners, interested in diagnosis and treatment of venous diseases.
In the last 10 years has developed national and international projects: « Prevalence of chronic venous insufficiency in the ambulance » acronym SEPIA held between 2002- 2004, « Prevalence ambulatory-leg edema » acronym PEGASUS, held between 2004- 2006, international project « Vein consult ».
The main objective of the Romanian Society of Phlebology- it promotes knowledge in all areas of fundamental research, applied to Phlebology. RSP also promotes relations with universities of medicine and the persons responsible in the Ministry of Health of Romania. It encourages good relations and exchange of ideas and scientific partnership with European, American and Afro-American Society of Phlebology.  RSP society has and will organize courses, workshops, training and conferences endorsed by the Romanian College of Physicians. Our manifestations and training courses are also credited with CME points (Continuing Medical Education points).


The Registro Europeo dei Flebologi is a non-profit organization that operates at national and European level. Its mission is the following:

  •  to organize, implement and supervise training of physicians working in venous diseases field (better defined as “Phlebologists”);
  • make sure that the training quality standard recommended at national and European level are achieved by the VET courses on the field;
  • to teach methods and techniques aimed to reduce healthcare costs and treatments times, to prevent diseases, to increase the percentage of positive outcomes of care with the power to implement a Regulation with value of “Training Protocol”;
  • to manage, upgrade and sponsor re-training courses for phlebologists;
  • to organize specific training paths with interdisciplinary collaboration and integrated treatments;
  • to organize specialization, VET courses and masters in collaboration with Inter- University Centers for Research and Training in Phlebology and other Universities;
  • to collaborate with associations, institutions and public and private schools to carry out continuous training an re-training courses for Phlebologist.

To achieve this mission, REF collaborates with the major national entities specialized in phlebology, such the Inter-university Centre for Research and Training in Phlebology of the University of Perugia, the Italian Association of Phlebology and Associazione Italiana Flebopatici. The members of the associations are individuals, such as university professors, doctors specialized in phlebology and other practitioners in the area.


The Hellenic Dermatologic Surgery Company was founded in January 1991 to promote high quality in the surgical field of dermatology and improve the level of patient care. The Company represents a large and growing number of dermatologists. It aims to promote and support scientific research in the field of aesthetic and skin surgery. HSDS offers continuing education-training of dermatologists, promotes institutional questions and provide information to the public (seminars, conferences, publications etc). HSDS collaborates with the Greek Dermatology and Venereology Company, Companies with related specialties as well as International Associates.




The Europe Vein Center® was founded by Dr Augusto Sampaio, a registered Doctor in Brazil and Portugal, with 30 years of experience in Phlebology, private practice. Trained on General Surgery, Vascular Surgery and Vascular Ultrasound ran a Vein Center (AngioClin) in Brazil since 1988 to 2013 and in Portugal (Europe Vein Center®) since 2010. The Europe Vein Center® is an Organization dedicated to Phlebology: prevention, diagnose, ambulatory treatments and training doctors. Having a partnership with many clinics like Malo Clinics® one of the most important health player around the globe and Bonfante Clinic we have training centers ready to offer courses and hands-on with collaboration of the best doctors in Portugal. In 2017 EVC is involved in creating the Portuguese Association of Phlebology in order to involve as many doctors as possible.



AFI is a member of Union Internationale de Phlebologie (UIP). Our Society is one of the most representative in Italy in the Phlebological field. Our members are directly involved in the treatment of Venous disease using UFGS, Endothermal techniques (both Laser and Radiofrequency), conservative surgery (CHIVA), surgery and they also have expertise in the treatment of venous ulcers. The aim of the Society is the diffusion of a high quality Phlebological knowledge between our members and to promote a continuous education through Regional, National and International meetings. In addition we stimulate research. Our group has proposed and studied a new Hypothesis to explain Sclerosing Foam related neurological problems (based on the release of endothelin). Our training workshops and courses are also credited with CME (Continuing Medical Education) points. AFI collaborates with the training company Valet, specialized in medical training, with which it organizes joint courses also recognized and certified by CME system.

PR.A.IT Soc.Coop.

PR.A.IT Soc.Coop/EcoNet is an IT SME whose mission is to offer the best service to communicate effectively through the Web. It offer expertise and know-how as regards the network configuration, the programming of graphical user interfaces, software and e-learning developments, until the inclusion of websites in the databases of search engines. EcoNet offers also support in planning business strategy, marketing plan and project management. The experience gained over time, combined with an ongoing research activities, allows us to customize our services according to the customers real needs, in order to achieve planned objectives in the short, medium and long term.

PR.A.IT. is one of the first companies to offer Umbrian Hosting services and advice for everything that covers the Internet and Intranet to customers; in 2000 he joined group of companies specialized in the design, safety and quality. The aim of this partnership and to operate through a synergistic action that ensures complete and optimal customer. In 2012 the group is credited as a training organization with the Umbria Region.
PR.A.IT. participates to the project with its information technology division, called EcoNet. EcoNet has set the goal to become a leading regional and national level company for the design, development and implementation of solutions covering the IT industry. In detail EcoNet is involved in research and development in the field of computer products such as web applications and applications for mobile devices (IOS, Android, Windows). Graphic and structural design of the web portal complies with current technological developments and responsive to the needs of users. Following are the areas of information technology in which PR.A.IT has extensive experience:
– Internet Service Provider:
– Web design;
– Web development and web application;
– E-learning;
– Strategis Search Engine Optimisation (SEO);
– Privacy and Security.


Europartners S.r.l. is an SME specialized in consultancy in different areas. EP provides research, programming, strategic planning tailored for the enterprise, government, local authorities and non-profit organizations through its professional team. We are senior policy experts. Our expertise is in five Policy Areas: Labour Market Policy, Social Policy, Education Policy and SME Management. There are 15 senior experts in the Europartners Team who offer consultancy services in the 5 Policy Areas.

The team is divided under three main pillars:

1.   Experts from University who provide an academic overview to our consultancy work–tools and publications,
2.   Experts from consultancy bodies working for Local and Central Governments who offer a procedural /technocratic overview to our consultancy work – tools and publications, and
3.   Experts from companies that managing projects in the field, who can evaluate good and bad practice and bring this to our consultancy work– tools and publications.

From the perspective of change management, Europartners Srl is in a phase of change resulting from experiments carried out from October 2011 to date. In particular, the expert team of Europartners, through the structuring of a network specifically designed to increase the added value of the services provided to the market, is creating its own specific approach to consulting. In the Labour Market Policy Area, Europartners S.r.l. has a recognized competence on the European Qualification Framework system and on the certification of VET competences and learning outcomes.


The European Health Chamber aims at representing European entrepreneurs in the field of health, at European level. The Chamber represents different Health fields: public health, pharmaceutical sector, medical devices, industries, hospitals, academics and health physicians. EHC cooperates with the European Institutions to improve the national health systems, with the knowledge of all our members directly involved in health policies in their own countries on a daily basis. Therefore, the European Health Chamber’s Internal Committees give the opportunity to its members to actively follow and work with the EU legislations and policies. The European Health Chamber supports its member associations by being constantly updated, by monitoring and by following the EU legislation related to health and social care. The European Health Chamber is also an opportunity to directly network and exchange ideas, projects, beyond the different health sectors. All members are in contact and participate in different dossiers.